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About Us

Restaurant History

Selamat Datang, Vanakkam, Namaste & Welcome Dear Patrons!

It was in May 2016 that we started this gastronomic venture and we must say it has been a delightful journey. Though we may have come from a family who have been in this business long time ago somewhere in the 70s, which we had operated under various names, the management style, the customers expectations, cooking style and the culture as a whole was far different back then. Cooking then, even commercial ones were done in the traditional way from the scratch using the freshest produce and meat.

However things have changed so much now. Today, a ‘banana leaf’ fare has become fashionable among the younger generation and across all races, which is excellent of course but for those belonging to the older generation like ourselves who are bent on sticking to the traditional ways, we felt that the philosophies we grew up on may not be ideal as a business venture in this climate as most patrons’ taste buds are now accustomed to the artificial flavour derived from MSG. Even some of our Chefs had cautioned us that our concept will eventually cost us as patrons will end up at other establishments. This is the harsh reality of the F&B business as it stands today but at the end of it, we’d backed ourselves once again to showcase the rich Indian culinary heritage where there is absolutely no need for any kind of artificial enhancers especially in Indian cuisine.

As a testament to this glorious culinary tradition, one just has to travel to India to witness how the art of preparation, recipe and ingredients used to prepare a particular dish will vary from street to street in a certain district alone whipping up different flavours for the masses. For example, the staple ‘Sambar’ (dal / lentil gravy) alone has so many variations depending on the area one hails from and also the main-course you intend to have the ‘Sambar’ with. The style of ‘Sambar ‘to be drizzled on your rice is supposed to be prepared differently compared to the ‘Sambar’ meant to be had with your Thosai and Idli. There is nothing right or wrong about it though we may have our own preferences as the underlying principles of Indian culinary puts health and nutritional values above taste. Therefore, this should explain why there isn’t a standard universal recipe for a particular dish in Indian cooking as it is largely dependent on the household’s knowledge, preference & use of their spices. They should be simply taken as different takes of a particular dish and those who are familiar with Indian culinary will appreciate this.

However despite the countless variations, we cannot stress enough that there is absolutely no place for MSG / Ajinomoto in Indian cooking. The secret about Indian cooking lies in knowing the nutritional values of the various spices and it is our belief that it should be left that way. We at BBL are passionate about these values and ultimately this is what inspired us to once again bring the best of South Indian cooking tradition in its traditional form to the fore in Malaysia after a long layoff.

As a final word from us, be assured that this shall be more than just a ‘Banana Leaf’ fare and to all those who equally cherish this concept just as we do, kindly accept this as our little ‘Samarpan’ (dedication/offering) to you.